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We have a large selection for any formal wear event from Baptisms, Holy Communions, Confirmations, Formal Balls, Graduation, Wedding Guests, Wedding Parties to Funerals.

You and your groomsmen deserver the very best suits. Let us help you create the best ensemble

We can provide a large range of accessories to make your look complete.

Special Occasion suits are available for boys.

We will provide you a graduation gown in the best quality fabric to celebrate your greatest achievement.

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We are one of Malta’s leading store for tuxedos and suits available for hire or purchase. We provide high-end suits that are fit for you and your lifestyle. Our suits guarantee functionality and comfort due to their highest quality fabrics. Our master tailors ensure precision and pay great attention to detail in every alteration needed.

Custom made vests, ties or bows, and boy outfits are offered to provide the opportunity to incorporate any color scheme into your groomsmen outfits.

Graduation gowns are tailor made in house for hire or purchase. The possibility of personalizing the gown, trencher or 4 horn for purchase is available.

Holy Communion Suits are available for hire or purchase in ivory or white. White or Ivory patent shoes are available for hire.

It has been a monumental journey and we have been privileged to dress many grooms and groomsmen. We specialise in helping you plan the biggest and most exciting day of your lives. We pride ourselves in offering Style, Service and guarantee Satisfaction.

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